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Our Founding Premise

EVERYONE... rich or poor, girl or boy, in school or not in school is born with unique innate VALUE; talents and abilities, which can be unleashed, and developed into marketable services, products, and solutions.

The youth bubble in Africa can become an asset for the continent with the right believe system, training and exposure.

Our Solution is Wholistic

We help you discover your unique innate God given talents and abilities, expose you to contextual relevant occupations that align with who you are, empower you to believe in your VALUE enough to develop and realize your unique occupational life plan.



Who am I, What can I do?



Contextual and relevant incubators



Bridge towards unique Occupational Life Plans

Our Results Tell a Story


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Our Team

After spending equal number of years in two starkly different continents; 21 years in Africa where I was born and raised and 21 years in North America; it became painfully evident to me how disadvantaged children and youth in my continent of origin are.

I know firsthand just how brilliant, and resilient kids in my part of the world are, yet in much of Africa, low exposure to critical thinking exercises, limited outlets for practical application, low focus on non-formal learning, other cultural and socioeconomic challenges prevent children from igniting and exploring their brilliant minds early in life… from unlocking and maximizing their innate talents and abilities.

Vijona Africa was founded to help change the narrative for young Africans, to show in/out-of-school children the innate VALUE (talents and abilities) they already possess and create pathways for them to use that value to become self-sufficient via formal or non-formal learning paths

Relindis Mbu

Founder and Executive Director

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