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Our Pathway Scholarship Program is unique in that it is ‘DEMAND’ based (driven by innate talents and abilities of each individual).

Our IGNITE Experience alumni create unique, relevant and SMART Occupational Life Plans for themselves.

We focus on the path the alumni CHOOSE for themselves; be it to learn a trade, entrepreneurship or formal education, and create catalyst for them to achieve the dreams outlined in their Occupational Life Plans.

This way we give each scholarship recipient a chance to make a living in a relevant occupation they are passionate about; a pathway to innovation and lifelong fulfillment.


No dream is too big, and every talent is valuable and needed in our communities.

Young girls and boys across Africa need sponsorship

You will soon be able to sponsor the occupational life plans of brilliant young Africans. - #Ubuntu

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You can help shape the future and dreams of young Africans by partnering with us or donating.
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