Welcome To The
IGNITE Experience

A self-discovery and occupation envisioning journey!

Our Solution

Imagine if young Africans are equipped early on in life.

Gifted with self discovery Who am I

1. Innate VALUE; talents, and abilities from birth. Think critically and creatively

2. Lifelong paradigm shift

Exposed to contexual occupations What can I do

3. Relevant occupations that align with who they are

4. Operate from a place of passion; the birthplace of innovation

Enabled to draft occupational life plans

5. Actionable and SMART goals

6. Become self-advocates of their success

Empowered to achieve their plans

7. Effective programs, relevant trainings, mentorship, network, and exposure

SKilled Africans for Africa.


Get Freedom
From Occupational wilderness

Whether you choose to learn a trade or choose to pursue formal education... what is important is choosing to run your best race, and leave your footprint on the world.

Our IGNITE Experience frees you from occupational wilderness. We take you on a journey to discovering a list of occupations suitable for your unique inner talents and abilities, and position you for a successful and fulfilled life.

“Tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today“ - African Proverb

At the end of this experience, you will;


Know unique attributes about yourself


Think critically


Showcase innate talents, inventions, or innovative ideas you have


Build your unique occupational life plan


Be ready to take on the world confidently

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