Day Session with 7-17 year olds

In our transformative Empower Workshops in urban and rural townships, local experts in their field lead young Africans in a CAN-DO, TAKE-CHARGE paradign shift, empowering each young person to unearth their unique abilities early in life and dream big. Participants leave the workshop with an expanded sense of self determination and practical ways to nurture their talents and passions.

town-crier session.png

Session with parents & teachers

Our evening “Town-Crier” sessions with parents and teaches focuses on the importance of helping a child uncover and explore their unique talent(s). A community conversation on how we Africans can champion the change we want to see across our continent. Guided by a panel of parents and teachers from each community.

“It takes a village to raise a child”


2019 PILOT COUNTRIES: Ghana, Cameroon and Nigeria!!!



Nurture your Talent – Work at it, Perfect it, Until you are the BEST at it!