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Scheduled for May 30th in Kumasi and May 31st in Drobonso, our free, fun, yet impactful Day Workshops are projected to host 500 kids (10-17 year olds) in each location and approx 400 teachers, parents and community leaders at the Evening Town-Crier sessions in both locations.

Our goal for every Workshop is to stir up a TAKE-CHARGE mindset in every young African boy, girl, rich or poor by reminding them of their innate VALUE, give them practical ways to identify,develop and use that innate talent/gift to become self-sufficient, innovative and ground-up solution builders for their communities, continent and world.

Tom-Chris Emewulu is the Founder & President of SFAN (Stars From All Nations), an education company that unlocks the potentials of young people through EPIC events and a 6-weeks talent accelerator program called Readyforwork. He is an education enthusiast, entrepreneurship and career coach, a consultant at Mastercard Foundation, Seedstars Ambassador for Ghana and an aspiring venture capitalist.

Cecil Senna Nutakor is a leading authority on the use of technology for self-paced education in Ghana. Combining a mix of self taught technology innovation skills and professional business development training, Cecil works with students and professionals to own their choices, own their life, and own their future. He developed an ICT certificate program in use by two universities in Ghana. He is a highly sought after public speaker, an advocate for Internet access as a human right, and the founder and CEO at eCampus; an online education platform. Cecil holds an MBA in Global Business and Sustainability from the Catholic University of Milan, and a BSc in Entrepreneurship and SME Management from Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA). His work has made him a multi-award winning social entrepreneur, He was named Africa’s Most Promising Entrepreneur in 2013 by Venture Capital for Africa. His venture eCampus was named the Education Startup of the year 2016 in Ghana.

Sefa Gohoho Boatin is an entrepreneur who is an expert in brand building, and capacity building. She has a demonstrated experience in building close, long-term, partnerships with the founders and managers of various portfolio companies and organizations. She has established credibility as a knowledgeable and dynamic professional in the 25 years that she has been an entrepreneur. Her company, Songhai Africa focuses three investment sectors: Luxury Consumables, Hospitality and Agribusiness. She is also a founding member of Africa 2.0, and served as Ghana Chapter head for 5 years, and is currently the chairman of the board of irectors.  Sefa took a break from entrepreneurship to serve President Obama for 4 years, through his Presidential Special initiative, Young African Leaders Initiative, where she worked with a team of 6 to win a $24 million dollar grant to train 4000 young West Africans between the ages of 18-35. After reaching the mandate, she returned to Entrepreneurship.  Sefa is an alumni of The London School of Economics with a degree in Economics and Philosophy. She was educated in Ghana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and England. She speaks French and English. Sefa has travelled extensively throughout Africa developing a passion for the continent based on first hand knowledge of its diversity, richness and potential. She has been to over 15 African countries.