Who am I?

What can I do?

Convert your UNIQUE innate talents and abilities into marketable solutions and services for your community.

We are igniting critical thinking, encouraging imagination and creativity in learning, awakening sleeping giants, unleashing the full potential in young Africans, and giving them the audacity to dream outside the box. The future of a continent relies on who they are and what they can do.

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The Pledge

I pledge to identify,
nuture and use my talent to serve
my community.

Taking the pldege to serve

It doesn't matter where you live; village or city, boy or girl.
YOU have value the world needs.
Yes YOU! Join the movement! Take the pledge … and act on it.

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How It All Works

Every individual is uniquely talented. We empower you to unleash your full potential so you can live your most fulfilled life.

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Discover the occupation(s) that align with who you are


Build your unique occupational life plan


Then work at it until you are the best at it

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Who We Are

Vijona Africa was founded in 2018 to play a role in transforming the mindset and reengineering the believe system of young Africans.

Our Vision

We see a future with empowered and relevantly upskilled young Africans championing every facet of the African narrative…

Our Mission

Show young Africans the innate value they already possess, expose them to contextual/relevant occupations that align with who they are and create incubator channels that will enable them become innovators and pioneers for their continent and world.

Partner With Us

Co-host the IGNITE Experience within your community

Champion the dreams of one innovative young African via our Incubator Hub

Sponsor the Occupational Life Plan of one young African.

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You can help shape the future and dreams of young Africans by partnering with us or donating.
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